Software products brochure

eVolutive Co specializes in the development of iPhone applications and the development of multiplatform applications using the Qt libraries. In this page we provide a brochure of our services regarding to software development, for any further detail, ask us, our rates are very competitive and our work outstanding!

Custom Apps development


We actually have a wide variety of Apps available in the App Store and we offer our services to any company which wishes to participate in the App selling and distribution business with our help. We can design Apps for selling in the App Store or Apps to promote brands.

We design our Apps very carefully and they receive very good qualifications by their users, being the 5 stars rating the most common. In order to achieve this degree of excellence we design by hand all the objects and buttons that will appear in an App in order to create very attractive and user friendly designs. Regarding to the field of usability, we always try that our programs are very easy to use- handling most actions automatically in order to make user's life easier.

Our Apps portfolio can be seen following the link to the App Store located at the image of the eConverter.

Plug-ins for programs made in Visual C#

Ombres Plug-In

Among the wide offer of programs that we do it is interesting to remark the plug-ins that we develop in Visual C# for programs that use the Windows platform. This type of plug-ins may be useful to companies that require certain programs to do specific complex tasks in various fields, such as in the architectonic design field or the industrial design field.

An example of these type of developments is the Autocad plug-in shown in the picture of the right, made for an architectural study of Barcelona. This plug-in allows calculating the reflection of a pattern image from the ground to a building in order to be seen by an observer reflected in the building. Its main feature is that the building may take different geometric forms offering the possibility to create very complex reflection patterns that once painted in the ground will show the image to the observer reflected over the building.

eVolutive Studio

eVolutive Co has developed an innovative technical analysis software which is unique in many of its features, we use special data to draw graphics which allow to separate the different brokers operating with each value, this allows to calculate the per broker benefits in addition to their share asset for any individual value and draw representations of them. This opens new fields of study which range from the psychological behaviour segmentation of the values to new indicators, given the fact that existing indicators can work with an improved precision and reliability.

Since most banks are years behind from achieving this type of technology, it is not yet considered meaningful or feasible. Nevertheless, with a bit of training it is possible to clearly identify the ruling operators on each value, the evolution of their share asset and their historic buy and selling points. It is particularly interesting to observe the behaviour of some banks over the companies they own.


We offer libraries which can be easily integrated to most computer software projects in many platforms.

Custom developments

We develop custom multiplatform projects of any kind, mainly programs based on a graphical user interface using the Qt libraries; we also develop database APIs and information structures for MySQL. Additionally, we can build custom versions of our standard libraries.

Web development

We develop custom websites using advanced technologies such as Ajax, online video playing with database sources, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, SSL security, web database integration, user authentication and multi language support. The video of the right, where an eVolutive's employee is showing his piloting skill, is an example of the video technology that we can deliver to your site- integrating this technology to a database system, not only dynamically changing videos can be shown, but also adds or animated content of any kind. Moreover, we always try to deliver a cute design using a minimalist approach in our developments in order to make easier the user interaction and comprehension of the site.

We have recently performed an update of a client's website, to which we also provide hosting services for their site. It is a website focused on promoting houses for selling and shows an example of an attractive design of a website suitable for many small or medium sized companies. This website can be seen at the domain:


We also provide managed hosting services for high to low traffic websites; including all aspects of the server management such as a mail server management, database server management, file server management, etc.


We also offer consultancy services in those areas and with software protection in Windows platforms using Themida software.


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