Mobile Developments

We have recently started a new development field focused on mobile devices, especially iPhone. You can obtain further information or ask support for the Apps contacting with



The eConverter is a currency converter with a sound success in many markets, having become an inseparable travel companion for many smart phone users. It has already reached 100.000 downloads and their user ratings are almost always great. It can perform quick and easy conversions with all the currencies of the world, in addition to the old European currencies used before the Euro. Furthermore, it can make historic graphics of the currencies exchange rates.

Their users appreciate over all its features: its excellent quality and practicality, its capacity to perform math calculus within the converter and above of all- its usability. All this reasons have made the eConverter one of the most highly rated currency converters of the App Store.

You can see its features and download it freely following the link to the App Store located at the image of the eConverter.


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