Firmware products brochure

We design and implement firmwares for Actel, Altera and Xilinx FPGAs. Our developments range from few entities to fully functional firmwares, including the design of peripherals for SoC systems and the design of complete SoC systems for Xilinx FPGAs using Microblaze microprocessors. Some of our firmwares have been designed for top technology international research centres such as an electronic regulator control board for the LHCb, one of the LHC detectors- the world's highest energy cyclotron. If you think that we can be of any help, do not mind contacting us.

IP Cores

We also provide as cores some of our developments as listed below:

Custom developments

We develop custom projects mainly in the areas of control and communications from specifications and schematics or adaptations and improvements of existing designs. The scope of the development may range from single entities to full firmwares including standard bus peripherals for SoC designs. We can implement on them our own SEU protection techniques in order to make them SEU resilient.


We also offer consultancy services in the areas described in this page, including the adaptation of FSMs and other modules to radiant environments which can work with most FPGA vendors. Furthermore, we can offer advice in the creation of complete SoC systems using Microblaze microprocessors for the Xilinx design environment.


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