eVolutive Co is a rather young company based in Barcelona focused on developing iPhone Apps, data transmission, software development, digital logic design, web design, hosting and consultancy in those areas.

In this webpage we aim to provide a brochure of our products and services, in addition to support to our customers. Furthermore, we offer a taste of some of the technologies that we use, such as a Lua virtual machine integrated to a C application in the form of a terminal embedded into our site, using Ajax and JavaScript.

If you think that what we do can be of any interest to someone you know- just share us with your friends:


2011-06-12 - We have recently reached the first 100.000 apps downloaded in the App Store.

2011-02-12 - Our first Apps are available on the App Store.

App Store

2010-12-23 - The section focussed on mòbile developments has been added.

2010-10-29 - New content available.

2010-10-28 - Multilanguage technology support done.

2010-10-21 - Virtual machine interface finished.

2010-10-16 - The webpage will be further completed soon.

2010-10-15 - The development of the first version of eStudio, a financial analysis software focussed on the Spanish market, is ready for demo. Ask yours at

2010-10-13 - The webpage is Up :-)


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